Teaching-learning in the pandemic period

perception of professors and students from classroom graduation programs

  • Alice Munz Fernandes IFRS
  • Milene Rodrigues Martins Unicesumar


The Covid-19 pandemic caused global changes in the teaching-learning process at all levels, including higher education. In view of this scenario, the research carried out aimed to compare the perception of professors and students in relation to the teaching-learning process in face-to-face undergraduate courses in the area of Applied Social Sciences in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, which was carried out in a remote due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For that, a quantitative and descriptive research was used, operationalized through a cross-sectional survey. The sample analyzed was composed of 36 valid respondents, 17 professors and 19 students. For data analysis, Pearson's chi-square test with Monte Carlo adjustment and the Mann-Whitney U test were used. The results showed that the perception of professors and students regarding the remote teaching-learning process differs in terms of prior preparation for said change (p=0.031), indicating that professors had less time/conditions to adapt. The findings also suggest that in the future there will be more remote hours in courses in the mentioned area due to theoretical disciplines, minimization of costs and scope of remote classes.